YouTubers Saucy and Honey: What Did YouTubers ‘Saucy and Honey’ Do?

Youtubers Saucy and Honey
Youtubers Saucy and Honey

A couple in their 20s was arrested after filming a video for their YouTube channel.

Johnson Larose, 25, and Charlotte Fischer, 24, are known as “Saucy and Honey” to the YouTube community. The two hid inside of a Target store overnight and posted a video called “24 Hour Overnight Challenge in Target”.

The intruders could be seen on security cameras building a fort out of merchandise for them to hide behind when the store closed.

After the last employees left, Larose and Fischer got out their phones and wandered around the store to film for their channel which has over 21,000 subscribers.

They left around 3 a.m. which set off an alarm. Police came to check on the store but didn’t find anything.

The next morning, Target employees found surveillance video of the man and woman wandering around the store for hours.

Both of them returned to the store around 8 a.m. the next morning to resume their video.

The couple didn’t steal anything, but after identifying them, police arrested them and charged them with third-degree criminal trespassing and conspiracy. They were released on $25,000 unsecured bail. As part of that release, they can’t visit any Target stores in the state of Pennsylvania where the incident occurred.


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