Youtuber Saucy And Honey Charges: What Are The Charges For Youtubers Saucy and Honey?

Youtubers Saucy and Honey
Youtubers Saucy and Honey

A few YouTubers could face up to seven years in prison for trying to stay overnight at a Pennsylvania Target in an attempt to turn the visit into the content.

‘Saucy and honey’ have more than 21,000 subscribers – about 4,000 since the incident happened – on their YouTube channel. They tried to hide in the store in Exton, Pennsylvania on Feb. 22.

The pair largely shoot videos of jokes or attempts at challenges: some examples include eating food in front of a gas station for 24 hours; one fools the other by serving fast food when he promises a home-cooked meal and distracts each other while playing video games.

West Whiteland Township Police Arrested Johnson Larose aka ‘Saucy’, 25, and Charlotte Fischer aka ‘Honey’, 24, that day.

Authorities were called to the target the night before after officers were called, after hearing an alarm had gone off.

What Are The Charges For Youtubers Saucy and Honey?

The couple didn’t steal anything, but after identifying them, police arrested them and charged them with third-degree criminal trespassing and conspiracy.


YouTubers Saucy and Honey: What Did YouTubers ‘Saucy and Honey’ Do?

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