Yoo Ji-tae Wife: Is Yoo Ji-tae Married? Who Is Yoo Ji-tae wife, Kim Hyo-jin?

Yoo Ji-tae and wife, Kim Hyo-jin
Yoo Ji-tae and wife, Kim Hyo-jin

Yoo Ji-tae is a South Korean actor, film director, and screenwriter. After a stint as a fashion model, Yoo launched his acting career in 1998 and then rose to fame through the films Attack the Gas Station (1999) and Ditto (2000).

Because it took an exceptionally long time for Natural City to go from being filmed to be released in theaters, Yoo did not appear in any new films once it was completed.

After that, he had roles in three different productions the same year: the flop Natural City, which had a substantial budget and was loaded with spectacular effects; the horror/thriller picture Into the Mirror; and the critically acclaimed Oldboy, which was directed by Park Chan-wook.

Because of his unforgettable performance in the latter film—in which he played a wealthy eccentric obsessed with getting his revenge—visage Yoo’s will be well known to viewers all over the world.

Yoo has expressed his belief that the story told in Oldboy is an original work from Korea.

As Yoo’s career progressed, he started to appear in a variety of high-profile projects, such as the well-known arthouse director Hong Sang-film soo’s Woman is the Future of Man (which, like Oldboy, was shown at Cannes in 2004); Yim Pil-big-budget sung’s Antarctic Journal, which was shot in New Zealand; and the action/noir Running Wild with Kwon Sang-woo. All of these films were screened at Cannes.

In addition to that, he launched his own production company under the name Yoo Movie in the year 2005.

Yoo Ji-tae Wife: Is Yoo Ji-tae Married?

Yes, Yoo Ji-tae is a married South Korean actor. Yoo Ji-tae is currently married to Kim Hyo-jin, who is an actress and model.

Who Is Yoo Ji-tae wife, Kim Hyo-jin?

Kim Hyo-jin is the lovely wife of actor Yoo Ji-tae. As models for a clothing company in 2003, Yoo and Kim Hyo-jin became close friends following a series of photo shootings where they were pictured together.

They began dating in 2006 and were one of the few Korean celebrity couples to be upfront about their relationship.

Pre-wedding images were revealed in August 2011 after they confirmed their engagement.

In 1999, she made her acting debut in a teen magazine. In the erotic comedy film, Everybody Has Secrets, she is best recognized for her role as the youngest of the three sisters

In 2009, she had her stage debut in the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the following year, she appeared in the play Fool for Love on Broadway.

During the 2020s, she appeared in the television show Private Lives as a con artist.


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