Yoo Ji-tae Children: Meet Yoo Soo In and Yoo Roo In

Yoo Ji-tae
Yoo Ji-tae

Yoo Ji-tae is a South Korean actor, film director, and screenwriter. After a stint as a fashion model, Yoo launched his acting career in 1998 and then rose to fame through the films Attack the Gas Station (1999) and Ditto (2000).

In 2009, he provided his voice as a narrator for the song “I’m Sorry” () that was included on the album Pearlfect by the singer Jinju.

After that, Yoo returned to the melodrama genre, appearing in his first television drama, Star’s Lover, opposite Choi Ji-woo.

He also starred in a couple of films with a romantic subject, the most notable of which being Secret Love, in which he was reunited with Oldboy co-star Yoon Jin-seo.

After that, he had a role in the real-time suspense thriller Midnight FM, where he played another villain.

Since graduating with a master’s degree in Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia, and Film from Chung-Ang University in 2008, Yoo has spent more time in recent years pursuing his passion for directing.

He earned his degree from the Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia, and Film.

Yoo Ji-tae Children: Meet Yoo Soo In and Yoo Roo In

South Korean actor and scriptwriter, Yoo Ji-tae has two children. His children are Yoo Soo In and Yoo Roo In.

Yoo Soo In is the first son of the actor Joo Ji-tae. Yoo Soo In was born on July, 2014, hence, he is 8 years currently.

Yoo Ji-tae and his wife, Kim Hyo-jin welcomed their second child, Yoo Roo in 2019.



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