Why does Sophia Bush have a raspy voice?

Sophia Bush
Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush is an American actress, activist, director, and producer. She starred as Brooke Davis in The WB/CW drama series One Tree Hill (2003–2012), and as Erin Lindsay in the NBC police procedural drama series Chicago P.D. (2014–2017).

With Sean Bean as her co-star, she played Grace Andrews in a remake of the classic horror film, The Hitcher, in 2007. As Kathy Popovich, Bush appeared in François Velle’s independent film The Narrows with Kevin Zegers and Vincent D’Onofrio in 2008.

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2008, based on Tim McLoughlin’s novel Heart of the Old Country.

It was three years later, in February 2011, when she co-starred in the British romantic comedy Chalet Girl.

Partners, a new CBS sitcom, was reported to have Bush as a cast member in February 2012.

A single season of the show began airing on September 24, 2012 and ended in November with the cancellation announcement that the show had been terminated after six episodes.

There are still seven episodes of the original thirteen-episode order that have not been televised in the United States, even though they have been aired by various international channels.

Why does Sophia Bush have a raspy voice?

Sophia Bush’s voice has had a rasp since she was a child. In a video for “Today,” Bush talked about how people think she’s sick when she speaks, but it’s just her natural voice. “I’ve sounded like this since, I think, second grade,” she said. “It’s just how I talk.


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