Who Shot DMV Rapper Goonew?

Goonew Big Wizzle
Goonew Big Wizzle

Hoodrich Goon, popularly known as Goonew was a DMV rapper who was also known as moniker Big Wizzle. He was born May 14th, 1997 and was unfortunately shot and killed on Friday, March 18, 2022.

The rapper was said to have nearly died last year after allegedly suffering from gunshot wounds.

The fast-rising rapper, Goonew was an American rapper and a huge social media star who was best known for his hit songs like ‘No Diss’, ‘Stain’, ‘Touchdown’, and ‘Down Bad’.

According to reports, he was said to have been shot on a 3400 BI of Walters Lane and was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it.

DMV rapper Goonew never revealed his precise web price to most people but he was predicted to have had a web price that ranges between $100 and $500, 000 as of 2022.

Goonew happens to be one of whose talents whose music is improbable and is typically in comparison with blues and rock music. He also had mesmerizing songs which were easy to sing and embrace.

Goonew’s is above average height. However, the specifics of his height isn’t available at this time.

Who Shot DMV Rapper Goonew?

The shooting occurred around 5:40 pm and the rapper Goonew was taken to a hospital for life-threatening injuries but died at approximately 7:30 pm. The shooter is not known yet.


Rapper Goonew Real Name: Who Is Goonew Rapper?

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