Who Is The Tinder Swindler? Where Is Simon Leviev Now?

Simon Leviev
Simon Leviev

What’s the most obviously awful date you’ve at any point been on? Did it include exhausting discussion and terrible breath? Or on the other hand, did it include you getting misled out of a fourth of 1,000,000 dollars? For the ladies of The Tinder Swindler, the bar for “terrible date” might be somewhat higher. The new Netflix documentary recounts the tale of an infamous conman who purportedly utilized the Tinder dating application to carry on with an existence of extravagance while swindling ladies across Europe.

Who Is The Tinder Swindler?

The so-called Tinder Swindler is Shimon Hayut popularly known as Simon Leviev, a convicted fraudster born in Israel. Simon used dating apps to meet multiple women, then established lines of credit and loans in their names, ultimately leaving them holding the bills.

His plan, as per the new Netflix documentary, was as per the following: he would meet ladies on Tinder, persuade them to think he was a well-off main beneficiary working in the perilous jewel business, and start significant distance connections.

Meanwhile, he was “going for work” and living luxuriously on the dime of his past objective. After he’d been dating one person for some time, he’d clarify that he was at serious risk, send recordings of his “guardian” dying, and let his better half know that he expected to utilize a charge card in another person’s name so he was unable to be followed.

His sweethearts sent Visas, took out advances and credit extensions, and even flew bags of removed money to him in his period of scarcity. He guaranteed them he’d take care of them. Obviously, they accepted him, he was the ruler of jewels, flew private all over, remained at the fanciest inns, and was continuously dribbling in fashioner clothing.

Where Is Simon Leviev Now?

Currently 31 years old, Simon Leviev lives as a free man in Israel, according to Instagram stories shown in The Tinder Swindler. Before the documentary landed on Netflix, his account was active with nearly 100,000 followers, although it was set to private. But as the doc gained popularity in the last few days, Simon deactivated his Instagram altogether.


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