Who Is Helen Chik? Meet the woman who dated 15 Tinder men in 21 days

Helen Chik
Helen Chik

With “The Tinder Swindler” a blockbuster success on Netflix, many women are wary of matching with a man online.

But one Australian woman says Tinder is the perfect place to meet Mr. Right, and is revealing the simple hacks she uses to maximize chances of success on the app.

Who Is Helen Chik? Meet the woman who dated 15 Tinder men in 21 days

Helen Chik, who hails from Sydney, says dating is simply a numbers game and boasts that she had Tinder dates with 15 different men during a recent three-week trip to New York City.

The serial dater, who has penned the book “Sex, Swipes and Other Stories,” divulged how she managed to meet so many men in such a short period of time during an interview on the podcast “Kinda Sorta Dating.”

Helen Chik

Helen Chik

Chik declared that everything comes down to time and urged Tinder users not to procrastinate while on the app.

“Time is the one thing you can’t get back, so that’s why I’m very big on time and efficiency,” she stated.

Knowing that she was coming to the Big Apple, Chik changed her location settings to New York City before she had even left Sydney.

She said it is important to get small talk out of the way quickly, so that you can meet up in person as soon as possible.

“Change your location prior to arriving in the city, so you’re basically matching people in a city you’re not actually physically in, but you can do all the tedious small talk, banter, vibe checks, before you arrive,” she advised.

For those who are hoping to date locally, Chik further divulged her hack for cutting down on small talk. The savvy swiper said she divides conversation into two categories: “Need to know” and “Nice to know.”

The latter consists of light-hearted, trivial topics, while the former is focused on determining a person’s morals, goals and values.

Helen Chik

Helen Chik

Chik claims conversations should be focused on the “Need to know” category so as to quickly figure out whether two people are compatible prior to putting energy into a date.

For instance, Chik is twice divorced and she says that fact is a part of the “Need to know” category. She always shares that personal information before an in-person meetup.

“People have different stances on this sort of stuff, some people are very traditional, some are much more open-minded, but at the end of the day you should give them the chance to decide,” she stated.

Chik hasn’t divulged whether she met the man of her dreams in New York City, but believes her handy hacks are sure to help other singletons save time and be swept off their feet in the process.


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