Who Are Pailsee Shultis Parents? Meet Kimberly Cooper Shultis And Kirk D. Shultis Jr

Paislee Shultis Parents

Pailsee Shultis is a New York-based six-year-old girl who was found alive approximately two years after she was reported missing in the year 2019.

When the girl was just four, she was abducted from Spencer in Tioga County, New York. Police have disclosed that she was kidnapped by her own biological parents Kimberly Cooper and Kirk Shultis Jr. Her non-custodial parents kept her at her paternal grandfather’s house.

Pailsee Shultis was found alive under a basement staircase in her grandfather’s home in upstate New York. Paislee Shultis, who was four years old at the time of her disappearance, was discovered by investigators Monday evening in a “small, cold and wet” space with her alleged abductor – her mother, Kimberly Cooper, 33.

Who Are Pailsee Shultis Parents?

Pailsee Shultis’s parents are Kimberly Cooper Shultis and Kirk D. Shultis Jr. Kimberly Cooper Shultis, 33, and Kirk Shultis Jr., 32, were arrested Monday night after police found Paislee Shultis, now 6, being held in a dark, wet room underneath the staircase in a Saugerties home. They had kept her in isolation from society for more than two years.

Pailsee Shultis’s grandfather has also been arrested. Kimberly, 33, is Paislee’s mother. An arrest report from the Saugerties Police Department says she was charged with custodial interference in the second degree and endangering the welfare of a child, both misdemeanors. Kirk Jr., 32, and Kirk Sr., 57, who are Paislee’s father and grandfather, were both charged with felony custodial interference in the first degree and misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child, according to arrest reports.

Paislee’s mother, father, and grandfather were arraigned this week and each pleaded not guilty to the charges they faced. Kimberly is scheduled to return to court on March 2, and Kirk Jr. and Sr. will return in late April, the official said.

Why Was Paislee Shultis Taken From Her Parents?

McCall expects her parents likely had multiple run-ins with Child Protective Services and the Department of Social Services before they lost custody of Paislee. He says biological parents can lose their parental rights for a number of reasons including physical abuse, child neglect, and alcohol or drug abuse.


Who Is Paislee Shultis? How Was Paislee Shultis Found Alive After Two Years?

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