What Is Lunar Eclipse? What Is Total Lunar Eclipse?

Total Lunar Eclipse
Total Lunar Eclipse

What Is Lunar Eclipse?

The moon transits into Earth’s shadow during a lunar eclipse. This is only possible on the night of a full moon when the moon is near either of the lunar nodes when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are all perfectly aligned.

Moon’s proximity to the lunar node determines the type and length of a lunar eclipse.

Total Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse

When the Moon is completely covered by Earth’s atmosphere, the only light reflected from the lunar surface is refracted by Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in a reddish appearance.

The Rayleigh scattering of blue light is what causes this light to seem reddish.

What Is Total Lunar Eclipse?

A total lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon and its shadow covers the Moon. Eclipse watchers can see the Moon turn red when the eclipse reaches totality.


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