What Is Lev Leviev Net Worth?

Lev Leviev
Lev Leviev

Lev Leviev is an Israeli businessman, philanthropist, and investor, of Tajik Bukhari Jewish background, Known as the “King of Diamonds”. Lev Leviev has been a philanthropist for Hasidic Jewish causes in Eastern Europe and Israel. Beginning in the 1990s, Leviev avoided being directly involved with the Yeltsin family and nurtured ties with Vladimir Putin.

His diamond mining investments in Angola and his investments in Israeli settlements have been the target of protests. A prominent member of the Bukhari Jewish community, he is president of the World Congress of Bukharian Jews.

Leviev moved to Hampstead, London, with his wife Olga, son Joshua and their daughter, Ruthie, in 2007. As a keen follower of golf, Leviev also maintains a house in the beach resort of Ponte Vedra, Florida.

What Is Lev Leviev’s Net Worth?

Lev Leviev has a net worth of $1.0 billion as of March 2018.

Who Are Lev Leviev’s Children?

Lev Leviev’s children are Chagit Leviev Sofiev, Zevulun Leviev, Shalom Leviev, Ruthie Leviev, and Zvia Leviev-Alazarov. Other children of Lev are believed to be Joshua, Moshe, and Asher. Lev was living in London until 2018 when it was reported he relocated to Russia. Leviev is believed to have another child but their identity is unknown.


Lev Leviev Children: Meet Chagit Leviev Sofiev, Zevulun Leviev, Shalom Leviev, Ruthie Leviev And Zvia Leviev-Alazarov

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