What Is Freedom Coin? Who Owns Freedom Coin?

Freedom Coin
Freedom Coin

Cryptocurrency, sometimes called cryptocurrency or crypto, is any form of currency that exists digitally or virtually and uses cryptography to secure transactions.

Cryptocurrencies don’t have a central issuing or regulating authority, instead of using a decentralized system to record transactions and issue new units.

What Is Freedom Coin?

Freedom Coin is a tool to aid in Freedom’s overarching vision of digitizing the African continent, as well as a solution to the ever-fluctuating African currencies and economy.

The coin gets its name from the Freedom Movement, a social development devoted to recuperating and laying out monetary open doors to conquer destitution through venture and improvement.

Freedom Coin is slated to be Africa’s first native token with the intention of accelerating other African countries to follow the trend of digital transformation in the same way.

Freedom Coin is needed now more than ever to unite African countries and bridge them to the rest of the world. Freedom coin is the solution Africans have been waiting on for centuries; the anchor which not only will unite the continent, but also elevate it by restoring its previous splendor.

Moreover, Freedom Coin is linked to the Pteronia’s City Industrial Park which is an all-integrated technological hub focused on preserving Africa’s independence and boosting its GDP by turning intercontinental trade into intercontinental trade.

Who Owns Freedom Coin?

Freedom Coin is owned by a young businessman and self-acclaimed millionaire and businessman, Nana Kwame Bediako, aka Freedom Jacob Caesar.

Freedom Jacob Caesar was named Ghana’s CEO of the Decade in 2021, and chairs Kwarleyz Group, which comprises 5 companies: Wonda World Estates, Petronia City Development, New Africa Construction, Belfast City & Property Management, and New Africa Foundation.



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