What Happened To Sarma Melngailis’s Ex-husband Anthony Strangis?

Sarma Melngailis
Sarma Melngailis

Netflix’s Bad Vegan only just dropped and already it’s basically all we’re thinking about. The four-part series is the latest in the streamers growing list of scammer-based series, following on from Inventing Anna and The Tinder Swindler, and with all the drama and twists and turns on the story, we’re not mad about that.

But, we do have questions, specifically, what happened to Sarma Melngailis’s ex-husband Anthony Strangis? Here’s everything we know.

What Happened To Sarma Melngailis’s Ex-husband Anthony Strangis?

In case you’d not called in sick today to binge the lot, the limited series follows restauranteur Sarma Melngailis who was the owner and founder of New York City’s famed raw vegan hotspot Pure Food and Wine. The restaurant was often frequented by the city’s rich and famous and became a go-to celebrity location in the early noughties.

However, after meeting and falling in love with a man named Anthony Strangis, Sarma’s life and successful business began to fall apart.

The story follows this downfall as Sarma Melngailis eventually swindles approximately $2m (about £1.4m) from employees and investors before going on the run with her allegedly abusive new husband.

Since the series landed on Netflix Twitter has quite literally been flooded by viewers discussing the show’s weirdest and most shocking twists. And while we know what happened to Sarma (she’s interview for the documentary), lots of us are pretty keen to find out what happened to her former husband Anthony Strangis.

After the pair were arrested in May of 2016 both took plea deals, with Strangis pleading guilty to grand larceny, criminal tax fraud, and a scheme to defraud [via The Sun]. He was ordered to pay $840,000 in restitution to investors and received one year in jail as well as five years’ probation.

In May 2018 Sarma filed for divorce from her estranged husband [according to Page Six], six months after leaving Rikers.

There’s very little information on what Strangis is up to now, but we do know from the documentary that the pair still have some contact. In the first few moments of the documentary Melngailis calls him to tell him about the project, to which he responds angrily.

“You’re going to co-operate with these people? I think you know two things about me. One that I love you, and that you love me. Two, I’m not some f**king joker, I’m not someone to be f**ked with … If I get f**king dragged by these people again, it’s going to be f**king hellfire from the sky.”


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