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What Happened To John Clayton ESPN?

John Clayton
John Clayton

John Clayton was a National Football League (NFL) writer and reporter for ESPN. He was also a senior writer for

Clayton began covering sports while still a student at Churchill Area High School. Starting with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 1972 training camp, he covered the team in twice-weekly dispatches in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania Daily Press. He later wrote for Steel City Sports, a weekly publication in Pittsburgh.

In 1975, Steel City Sports changed into Score! Pittsburgh and Clayton was a staff writer, covering the Steelers.

He also served as a stringer for a number of radio networks, including AP Radio, and covered games, providing the network with sound clips from locker room interviews after games involving Pittsburgh’s professional sports teams. Clayton graduated from Duquesne University in 1976 and later worked for The Pittsburgh Press.

He had done part-time work for the paper while attending college. In May 1978, Clayton was sent to cover a Steelers mini-camp in place of the Press’s regular Steelers beat writer, Glenn Sheeley. While there he discovered and reported a rules violation that would cost the team a draft pick.

The affair was dubbed “Shouldergate” by Clayton. Clayton became persona non grata for some time in his hometown for his role in the affair.

What Happened To John Clayton ESPN?

John Clayton has reportedly passed away. The cause of his death is not yet known by the public. Following the announcement of his death, his friends and colleagues shared the clip of the commercial to Twitter, calling it a hall of fame advertisement.


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