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What Happened To Gangsta Boo: How Did Gangsta Boo Die?

Gangsta Boo
Gangsta Boo

Lola Chantrelle Mitchell better known by her stage name Gangsta Boo, was an American rapper, who was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.

Gangsta Boo

Gangsta Boo

She was the group’s second female member after K-9. Three 6 Mafia is a Memphis-based hip hop crew.

Months after the release of her second album, Both Worlds *69, she parted ways with the group and label due to financial troubles and problems with album promotion.

Later, she released mixtapes with musicians including La Chat and Yelawolf as well as some of her own music.

She appeared on albums by Run the Jewels and Clipping. She’s been described to as a female rap music pioneer.

What Happened To Gangsta Boo: How Did Gangsta Boo Die?

Gangsta Boo has passed away in her hometown of Memphis. There are few details available regarding the circumstances of her death.

The Queen of Memphis, also known as Lola Mitchell, was reportedly discovered dead on Sunday afternoon about 4:00 p.m. local time, according to the neighborhood news outlet Fox 13 Memphis (January 1).

As word of the Memphis Rap pioneer’s passing circulated on social media, DJ Paul shared a picture of a former member of the Three 6 Mafia, which many people interpreted as a confirmation of her demise.

43 was Gangsta Boo’s age.


Gangta Boo Cause of Death: How Did Gangsta Boo Die?

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