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Waya Money: How To Sign Up For Free [Beginner’s Guide]

Waya Money
Waya Money

Waya Money is an application that aims to provide a digital banking platform to enable quick and easy transfer of money and payment in Africa.

Ghana-based payment startup Waya Money is seeing month-on-month development of between 20% in its three existing business sectors, inciting it to send off extension exercises into three extra African nations.

Established in 2018 after co-founder Delali Anku-Adiamah confronted a test sending cash back to Ghana while going around Africa, Waya Money gives consistent nearby and worldwide installments and moves through an interoperability stage that interfaces with banks, versatile cash administrators, and other computerized installments suppliers from everywhere the world, to serve Africa.

It accomplishes this by giving its clients, the two people and dealers, admittance to a multi-money, multi-channel application with astute directing capacities that guarantee reserves are handled in the savviest, secure and dependable way imaginable. Just the source needs to have the application.

You can add mobile money wallets, bank cards, or bank accounts as a fund source to send money or you can load money to your WayaMe and enjoy the ability to send money in Naira, Kenyan Shillings, and Ghana Cedis to other Waya Users using WayaMe.

Make payments also to Merchants who use Waya in an even simple manner with no hidden charges.

Waya is direct, easy to use, designed with the user in mind, and tailored to offer our users the lowest charges possible on all transactions

Where Is Waya Money Available?

Waya Money is currently in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya. The company has plans of expanding to new African countries soon.

How To Sign Up For Waya Money

Download The Waya Money App

1. To be able to use Waya Money, you must first have to download the application either from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. For iOS users, Click Here and Android Users can also download by Clicking Here.

2. After downloading the Waya Money app on your mobile phone, launch the app and get started right away.

Waya Money App Interface

Waya Money App Interface

If you already have an account, just fill in your email and password and tap on Log on. However, if you are new to Waya Money as this article talks about, tap/click on Create Account.

3. You’ll be redirected to a new interface where you’d be asked to fill in the required details in order to create a free account. The required details include; First Name, Last (Surname) Name, Email, Phone Number, Password which must be 6 characters containing a lowercase letter, uppercase letter, and a number.

Waya Money Registration Interface

Waya Money Registration Interface

After filling in all the required details, click on Create Account.

4. A new interface will be served to you indicating you to input an authentication code to facilitate the registration process. Normally, the code is sent via WhatsApp provided the number you inputted is an active WhatsApp number. Nevertheless, the code can be sent via SMS. Either way works perfectly.

Waya Money OTP Interface

Waya Money OTP Interface

In this tutorial, the code was sent via WhatsApp.

Waya Money OTP Code via WhatsApp

Waya Money OTP Code via WhatsApp

5. Copy the authentication code sent by Waya Money and paste it into the small boxes provided in the Waya Money authentication code interface. Click on Verify OTP to facilitate the process.

6. Once the OTP code is verified, a new interface will pop up showing an account dashboard – that means, the registration or account creation has been successful.

Waya Money Account Dashboard

Waya Money Account Dashboard

Bingo!, Now you can load, send, withdraw money with Waya Money.



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