Top 5 NFT Tools For NFT Creators and Collectors

NFT Tools
NFT Tools

Despite the skeptics, the NFT industry continues to grow, with interesting new projects being launched every day.

Monthly trading volumes on platforms like OpenSea have blown out the water so far in 2022, with millions of NFTs sold each month. The number of users is rapidly expanding, with over one million active members present.

Along with the growth of the NFT economy, numerous fantastic tools have emerged. Investors, producers, and collectors can all benefit from these technologies.

NFT collectors, investors, and creators can acquire important insights into market trends, and project statistics, and stay on top of what’s happening with the correct tools.

Below is a curated list of the best NFT tools for creators and collectors.

1. Rarity Tools

Rarity Tool

Rarity Tool

Any serious NFT collector’s toolset should include Users can rank the rarity of NFTs in a collection and compare their qualities and properties on the website.

The “rarity score” is the most important metric to check for on

This is the total of all the individual facets and characteristics that make up an NFT.

Even if they’re from separate collections, this figure makes it simple to compare two NFTs that are dramatically different.

For a cost of 2ETH, creators can have their project listed on While this may appear to be an expensive option at first, being one of the most popular websites for NFT research implies that generative projects published here attract a lot more attention in the long run.

2. NFT Stats

NFT Stats

NFT Stats

NFT Stats is another useful resource.

For NFT investors who want to know what others are purchasing and what isn’t, the platform is one of the first places they go.

The rating list is the most useful aspect of the tool. These ever-changing lists reflect which NFT collections or individual sales are the most popular right now.

This allows collectors to rapidly learn about new initiatives and see which NFTs are currently causing a stir.

The lists can also be changed to show the most popular collections from the previous week or month for individuals who require a longer-term perspective.

3. Traitsniper



Traitsniper, another rare tool, is a comprehensive website that provides up-to-date information about new and upcoming NFT collections.

The site employs algorithms to determine the rarity of NFT collections and tokens, as well as bots to scour the internet for more information.

The site’s design can be a little intimidating for those new to the NFT area, with a lot of data offered.

Collectors may examine everything about a collection at a glance, including the current floor price, supply, royalty fee, and the most recent selling prices, as well as the rarity and sale values of individual tokens.

Traitsnipers is a treasure of knowledge once you get the hang of it.

4. Rarity Sniffer

Rarity Sniffer

Rarity Sniffer

Another tool that some collectors prefer to use to compare the rarity of tokens is Rarity Sniffer.

The program works similarly to other platforms in that it allows you to examine an individual NFT’s characteristics and determine what makes it valuable.

Rarity Sniffer’s sleek design and easy-to-navigate UI make detecting scarcity a breeze.

The website offers an “upcoming” section where you can stay up to date, as well as a membership plan where you can get rapid updates of new collections.

5. Icy.Tools

Icy Tools

Icy Tools

One of the most popular trend-spotting tools is

Users can use the “Trending Collections” feature to view which projects have generated the most engagement in the last day.

If you have a connected wallet, you can even look at the details and see where you’ve been in the last 15 minutes.

Floor prices and volumes, the most active wallets, and the typical comparison of individual token rarities are all included in this data.



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