TikTok Cat Pop Roast Owner, Death, TikTok Account

TikTok Cat Pop Roast and Owner
TikTok Cat Pop Roast and Owner

TikTok’s favorite ‘Pot Roast’ the cat has passed away. The internet sensation was diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. The news was shared by the cat’s caretaker known on the internet as PRO. The TikToker said in a video uploaded on February 6.

Who was TikTok Cat Pot Roast?

Pot Roast shot to fame when her human mother started a TikTok page for her in December 2021. Since then, her owner has posted dozens of videos showing off her beloved feline doing funny things to over 392,000 followers and received more than 14 million likes, according to The Pitch.

The publication claims little Pot Roast was adopted from an animal shelter while her human mum was studying at Missouri University of Science and Technology – forking out just $20 to buy her. Her owner created a TikTok for Pot Roast with the intention of sharing her pet’s life with friends from college after moving away.

TikTok Cat Pop Roast Owner

The TikTok Cat Pop Roast owner got her from an animal shelter. Her mother got the cat when she was herself studying at Missouri University of Science and Technology. She was able to purchase the cat for $20. The cat’s owner created a profile for her on TikTok with a motive to share quick updates about the life of the cat with her college friends after she moved out. She said, “I didn’t want my college friends to forget that I was funny.”

TikTok Cat Pop Roast Death

It’s not quite clear how Pot Roast died but it’s understood the cat had been suffering from a series of illnesses. In one TikTok video, her owner said Pot Roast had been diagnosed with a severe case of FIV, a condition that attacks the immune system.

According to The Pitch, Pot Roast also battled feline herpes and stomatitis and lost all her teeth to the disease. In a gut-wrenching video posted on February 16, 2022, Pot Roast’s owner told followers her favorite feline had passed away.


TikTok Cat Pop Roast Cause Of Death: How Did Pop Roast Die?

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