The Tinder Swindler Instagram Account: What Is Simon Leviev Instagram Account?

Simon Leviev
Simon Leviev

Netflix’s most recent true-crime documentary is The Tinder Swindler, which recounts the staggering story of the ones who were fleeced by sequential conman Simon Leviev, real name Shimon Hayut.

The film centers around their accounts, while likewise showing the sort of everyday routine he was experiencing, utilizing the cash he got from them. The Netflix film shows a great deal of screen captures from an Instagram account – which is really still live today and hopes to in any case have a place with The Tinder Swindler himself.

While he was addressing the ladies he conned, The Tinder Swindler posted photos of his rich way of life on Instagram. It was loaded up with pictures from voyaging everywhere, him in personal luxury planes, and in each image he was head-to-toe in planner gear.

Has Simon Leviev Deleted His Instagram Account?

Yes, Simon Leviev has deleted his first and foremost Instagram account following the release of the documentary. Also, Simon Leviev is reported to have said that his Instagram account has been hacked and he has been forced to create a new one.

What Is Simon Leviev New Instagram Account?

There is an Instagram account under the handle @simon_leviev_official with a picture of him as the profile icon. This is the Instagram account shown multiple times throughout the Netflix doc as belonging to The Tinder Swindler, and it’s still active. The account currently has 125k followers and has already gained over 25k followers since the documentary came out. The Netflix show suggests it does still belong to Simon and he uses it to splash his cash.


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