Stephen Curry Salary: How Much Does Stephen Curry Make?

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Curry made a total of 272 three-point shots during the 2012–2013 season, which was enough for him to break the NBA record for most three-pointers made in a single regular season.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

He broke the record in 2015 with a score of 286, then he did it again in 2016 with a score of 402.

On December 14, 2021, Curry surpassed Ray Allen to become the player with the most career three-pointers in NBA history.

Curry and his teammate Klay Thompson have been dubbed the Splash Brothers due to their exceptional shooting abilities.

In the 2013–14 season, they set the record for combined three-pointers made in an NBA season with 484, a record that they broke the following season (525), and again in the 2015–16 season (678).

Stephen Curry Salary: How Much Does Stephen Curry Make?

American professional basketball player Stephen Curry takes home an annual average salary of 45.78 million USD.

Curry’s salary became the highest in the league for the 2018-19 season after he won yet another NBA Finals against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2018.

Since then, he has maintained his position as the highest-paid player in the league and has maintained the title of highest-paid player. His salary for the upcoming campaign is? $45,780,966.


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