Stephen Curry Parents: Who Is Stephen Curry Mother Sonya Curry

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Once again, Curry led the Southern Conference in scoring with an average of 25.5 points per game in his sophomore season of 2007–08. He also had the second-highest rebounding and assist totals of any player in the conference.

Stephen Curry with his mother Sonya Curry

Stephen Curry with his mother Sonya Curry

It was a 26–6 regular season record and a 20–0 conference record that he guided the Wildcats too. It was all because of Curry’s outstanding performance that Davidson received its third straight NCAA Tournament invite.

Davidson faced seventh-seeded Gonzaga on March 21, 2008. In the second half, Gonzaga led by 11 points, but Curry went on to score 30 points in the half to drive Davidson to its first NCAA Tournament win since 1969, 82–76.

When it came to three-point shooting, Curry had an 8 of 10 mark, putting up 40 points in the contest.

Stephen Curry Parents: Who Is Stephen Curry Mother Sonya Curry?

Sonya Curry is the mother of Stephen Curry. Redford, Virginia is the birthplace of Sonya Alicia Curry. In high school, she was a member of the volleyball, track, and basketball teams.

She was also a student-athlete at Virginia Tech. Dell, her future husband, was introduced to her there.

She was a member of the Metro Conference volleyball team, where as a junior, she was named all-conference. The Virginia Tech women’s volleyball team became well-known thanks in great part to Sonya’s efforts.

A season in which she played for Virginia Tech’s junior team resulted in her serving 57 aces, which ranked sixth all-time at the school.

She went on to achieve a school record of 69-70 at the conclusion of her fourth year. Sydel, her youngest child, also played college volleyball, proving that the volleyball gene runs in the family.

As a teacher, she has a bachelor’s degree in education and is actively employed. She is the only proprietor and operator of the Charlotte Montessori School.

She and Dell launched the school in 1995, and she currently serves as its president.

Sonya is frequently asked about how she raised her sons to become professional athletes as she attends their games, and she says she is proud and blessed by what they have accomplished. Sonya Curry was born and raised in a low-income neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.

When she was a child, she witnessed a Ku Klux Klansman set a cross on fire in front of her and her family.

In a prior interview, she stated that she was able to overcome racism by participating in athletics. Her personal encounters with prejudice served as inspiration for the lessons she taught her children.


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