Simon Leviev Wife: Is Simon Leviev Married? Who Is Simon Leviev Current Girlfriend

Simon Leviev
Simon Leviev

Man of the moment, Simon Leviev has been on the trend list after Netflix released “The Tinder Swindler” by investigative reporters working for the Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gang, with the help of Israeli reporter Uri Blau.

According to The Times of Israel, Simon Leviev e allegedly used a Ponzi scheme to defraud an estimated $10 million from victims across Europe from 2017 to 2019.

Uri Blau, and later in 2022 after the release of a Netflix short film with the same title. In Finland, he was condemned to two years in jail in 2015, while in Israel, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison in 2019.

People out are searching about the love life of Simon Leviev – well, this article reveals it all!

Is Simon Leviev Married?

No, Simon Leviev, the popular fraudster is not married as of this writing in February 2022.

Who Is Simon Leviev Girlfriend?

The Tinder Swindler, Simon Leviev has reportedly found love – despite scamming a series of women from the app out of some serious cash.

Leviev has been rumoured to be dating a model. In a since-deleted post, Simon Leviev tagged a woman named Kate Konlin in an Instagram story. In July of 2021, Konlin spoke of their relationship in the Israeli magazine, Mako.

Who is Kate Konlin?

With over 99.9K followers on Instagram, Kate Konlin has a private account with no public access to her images. In a February 2022 article published by Radar, Konlin once more alleged the Leviev case to be “one big lie.” Although the two don’t appear to be in a romantic relationship as of late, Konlin said they do remain friends.

Konlin added that Leviev is “doing very big business in real estate in Israel.” Leviev has an “army of bodyguards and lawyers” according to Konlin. The model went on to refer to him as “the greatest man” she “ever knew.”


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