Simon Leviev LLD Diamonds: Who are the real Leviev family and LLD Diamonds?

Simon Leviev LLD-Diamonds
Simon Leviev LLD-Diamonds

The Tinder Swindler on Netflix has everybody in a stranglehold. It recounts the narrative of the casualties of conman Simon Leviev – who let them know he was a tycoon beneficiary and conned them out of their life investment funds. He was really called Shimon Hayut and had changed his name to Simon Leviev to make it appear as though he was essential for the genuine extremely rich person family.

Simon Leviev called himself the “Prince of Diamonds”, telling women he was the heir to LLD Diamonds and the son of the owner, Lev Leviev. He seduced women by treating them to luxury gifts and a fancy lifestyle, all paid for by previous women he had scammed. He would say he needed the cash as threats had been made against him and his life depended on it and would then disappear.

It was all a lie. But the Leviev family is real, and they are actually billionaires in the diamond industry. They’ve made a statement against Simon Leviev and said they are currently speaking to police over his fraudulent activity. Here is everything you need to know about the real Leviev family and the family business, LLD Diamonds.

Who are the real Leviev family and LLD Diamonds?

The real Leviev family is Lev and Olga Leviev and their nine children.

Lev Leviev is an Israeli finance manager, altruist, and financial backer. He was brought into the world in Uzbekistan and is right now 65-years of age. He and his better half, Olga Leviev, have nine kids. Their names are Chagit, Zevulun, Shalom, Moshe, Zvia, Ruthie, Joshua, Moshe, and Asher. Lev Leviev doesn’t have a child called Simon.

The family moved to Israel during the 1970s, where Lev Leviev got some work as an understudy at a jewel cleaning plant. Presently he possesses various businesses as well as putting resources into land. He made his name undermining the DeBeers precious stone cartel, and presently Lev Leviev claims very good quality jewel adornments shops all over the world and enormous gems chains in Europe. He is additionally the controlling investor of Africa Israel Investments, a land and development organization with central command in Israel.

With respect to his kids, Chagit Leviev Sofiev is as of now the President of the Leviev Group USA and CEO for Africa Israel USA. Chagit is hitched and has four offspring of her own. Siblings Zevulun and Moshe were blamed for carrying $80million worth of precious stones as a component of a ring of six different workers of LLD. Attorneys said the cases were “ridiculous” and The Tinder Swindler Netflix narrative affirmed there was no proof of such cases. Zevulun Leviev worked in LLD for quite a long time, of which he filled in as CEO of the organization for a considerable length of time.

The family runs LLD Diamonds

Lev Leviev is dubbed the “King of Diamonds” because of the family business, LLD Diamonds. The company is listed as being active since 1996 and is one of the biggest names in the diamond business, with its HQ in New York. LLD Diamonds work with both rough and polished diamonds, all across the world.

The firm has been supplying high-quality diamonds to polishers, cutters, and jewellers for three decades, and the Leviev Group is the only diamond firm in the world to control all parts of the diamond pipeline. According to the LLD website: “Founded in 1996 by renowned diamantaire, businessman, and philanthropist Lev Leviev, LLD Diamonds USA is the world’s largest privately held diamond manufacturer and cutting group – entirely independent of external suppliers, having its own widespread sources of rough goods through ownerships in mines around the world.”

Speaking to Newsweek, LLD Diamonds confirmed Simon Leviev, or Shimon Hayut, is nothing to do with the family or the business. A spokesperson said: “LLD Diamonds has been a well-regarded leader in the diamond industry for three decades. Our company has no connection whatsoever with Shimon Hayut. He is a fraud who has tried to exploit our good name to con victims out of millions of dollars. Our sympathies go out to his victims. His fraud has also caused ongoing confusion about our company. Nothing he has said, about LLD or anything else, should be believed. As soon as we learned of the fraud, we filed a complaint with the Israeli police, and we hope that Mr. Hayut faces the justice he deserves.”

The Leviev family net worth is in the billions

Lev Leviev has an estimated net worth of $1.5billion (£1.1billion). According to The Times, his fortune has previously been estimated as worth up to $12billion.


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