What Happened To Simon Leviev Instagram Account?

Simon Leviev
Simon Leviev

On the off chance that you’ve watched Netflix’s most recent ‘true crime’ documentary, The Tinder Swindler, you may have attempted to observe Simon Leviev’s Instagram page.

As was habitually displayed in the program, the fraudster purportedly utilized a rich Instagram profile – loaded up with photographs of Leviev in planner garments on personal luxury planes – to assist with hoodwinking the ladies he was coordinating with into thinking he was really the child of a tycoon jewel investor.

One of the ladies in the narrative, Cecilie Fjellhøy, portrays how he took her on a personal luxury plane to Bulgaria toward the finish of their first date. However, following half a month of dating her, she guarantees he then, at that point, convinced her to take out advances and set up charge cards in her name.

The day after the documentary dropped, Simon acquired over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Why Simon Leviev Deleted His Instagram Account?

Simon Leviev said his Instagram account has been hacked and he has been forced to create a new one. Also, he promised to tell followers his ‘side of the story. ‘I will share my side of the story in the next few days when I have sorted out the best and most respectful way to tell it, both to the involved parties and myself,’ he wrote. ‘Until then, please keep an open mind and heart.’



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