Simon Leviev Ferrari: Does Simon Leviev Has A Ferrari?

Simon Leviev Ferrari
Simon Leviev Ferrari

These new photos are from Simon Leviev Make you think – somewhere a woman is crying about losing a huge batch of money because the guy is watching expensive sports cars in his homeland Israel !!!

Simon Leviev Ferrari: Does Simon Leviev Has A Ferrari?

The so-called “Tinder Swindler” – the title of the Netflix documentary about Simon – was spotted on a tour over the weekend in Tel Aviv at a luxury-goods dealership, and of course, he was checking out Ferraris.

As you can see, the SL rolled into an SUV with what appeared to be bodyguards behind – protection from its “enemies no doubt” – and wore a Gucci jacket worth thousands. But that’s nothing compared to the whips he’s seeing! Some Ferrari models are in his sights, including the 296 GTB, which comes in at $250,000 USD.

Not only did Simon take a closer look at the outer parts, he actually went inside at least one of them to feel from the inside.

From the outside looking in, it looks like Simon is definitely rolling in dough to be able to shop for a jumping horse. It should be noted – for any influential woman who sees this – that Simon has not sailed far in any of the cars.



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