Who is Simon Leviev? Everything You Need To Know

Simon Leviev
Simon Leviev

Simon Leviev is an Israeli conman convicted of theft, forgery, and fraud. According to The Times of Israel, he allegedly swindled an estimated $10 million from victims across the European continent from 2017 to 2019 alone using a Ponzi scheme.

Born in Shimon Yehuda Hayut in 1988 in Ramat Elchanan, Bnei Brak, Israel, Simon moved to¬†Brooklyn, New York in the US with his family’s friends at the age of 15. He was later accused of misusing their credit card. Simon Leviev went to a flight school in 2010 and he was reported to have been committing minor cons like cheque fraud since he was a teenager. He later changed his legal name from Shimon Hayut to Simon Leviev, using the surname Leviev to pretend he was related to Lev Avnerovich Leviev, an Israeli businessman known as “The King of Diamonds”.

Simon Leviev Criminal Activities

In 2011, Hayut was charged with theft, forgery, and fraud for cashing stolen checks. According to reports, he stole a checkbook belonging to a family while babysitting their child, and another’s while working as a handyman at their home.

He never displayed in court, got away from the country across the line into Jordan with a phony visa under the name Mordechai Nisim Tapiro, and escaped to Europe.

In 2012, he was arraigned by an Israeli court and accused of burglary and falsification of checks, as well with respect to leaving a five-year-old he was watching While in Europe, he took advantage of a few ladies utilizing the name Michael Bilton.

In 2015, he was captured in Finland and was condemned to three years in jail for swindling a few ladies. At the point when captured in Finland, he asserted he was an Israeli man brought into the world in 1978 and was found with two fashioned Israeli identifications, three produced Israeli driver’s licenses, two manufactured Israeli flight grants, and five fashioned American Express Visas.

Subsequent to completing his sentence early, he got back to Israel to be re-energized and condemned in 2017. Nonetheless, as per The Times of Israel, he accepted an alternate character by changing his lawful name to Simon Leviev and escaped the country.

Hayut went around Europe, introducing himself as the child of Russian-Israeli precious stone magnate Lev Leviev, utilizing the dating application Tinder to contact ladies as Leviev, and fooled them into advancing him cash that he never reimbursed. He would beguile ladies with rich gifts and take them to meals on personal luxury planes utilizing cash he acquired from different ladies he recently conned.

He would later imagine he was being designated by his “adversaries”, regularly sending similar messages and pictures imagining that his guardian was assaulted, requesting that his casualties help him monetarily; they would frequently take out bank advances to help.

He would then utilize the cash acquired through the duplicity to draw new casualties, while basically working a Ponzi conspire. Afterward, he would profess to reimburse his casualties by sending fashioned records showing counterfeit bank moves.

Simon Leviev Arrest

In 2019, he was arrested in Greece after using a forged passport. Later that year, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison in Israel but was released five months later as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The Times of Israel reported that in 2020 he pretended to be a medical worker to get the Covid vaccine early.

Hayut is also wanted for various fraud and forgery offenses by Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. In 2022, Netflix released a video documentary describing his story as told by some of his victims. According to The Washington Post, following the release of the documentary, Tinder banned the fraudster from their app.

Simon Leviev Prison Sentence

Simon Leviev was sentenced to 15 months in prison in Israel.


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