Simon Leviev Business Partner: Who Is Simon Leviev Business Partner Avishay?

Simon Leviev Business Partner, Avishay
Simon Leviev Business Partner, Avishay

Netflix’s new crime documentary shed light on the daily routine experienced by Simon Leviev, who went by the name Simon Leviev. Duping has become normal around the world with an ever-increasing number of individuals continuing dating destinations to observe somebody they can interface with.

Before, there have been a few situations where individuals have professed to be another person. The Tinder Swindler case turns out to be a very comparative story, somewhat more terrible than one would have suspected.

Shimon was a common man who pretended to be a billionaire and used the name Simon Leviev on Tinder to meet women. He often referred to himself as “the prince of diamonds.”

The reason that he took the last name Leviev was that he claimed to be the son of billionaire Russian-Israeli diamond mogul, Lev Leviev. In fact, to make his story look more real, he decided to hire a couple of people to act as his assistants and business partners.

Did Simon Leviev Have A Business Partner?

Yes, The Tinder Swindler, Simon Leviev had a business partner who assisted him with his fraudulent activities.

Who Is Simon Leviev Business Partner Avishay?

Simon Leviev’s business partner has been identified as Avishay. Avishay was hired by Simon Leviev to aid him to facilitate his fraudulent missions by duping innocent women on women he meets on Tinder.


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