Simon Leviev Bodyguard: Where Is Peter Now?

Simon Leviev Bodygaurd, Peter
Simon Leviev Bodygaurd, Peter

Directed by Felicity Morris, Netflix’s ‘The Tinder Swindler’ is an unquestionably grasping documentary film that investigates the story of Israeli conman Shimon Hayut, who used the name Simon Leviev to do his tricks.

All things considered, by professing to be the child of precious stone big shot Lev Leviev, he supported his lavish way of life and acquired the trust of ladies he met on the nominal dating application, just to deceive them out of thousands of dollars.

The way that he had an individual guardian, Peter, likewise affected his picture for the lie, so presently, we should discover all that there’s to be aware of the last option, shall we?

Who Is Simon Leviev Bodyguard?

As a big and bulky male with full arm tattoos, Simon Leviev’s guardian, Peter, appears to meet the cliché meaning of a security faculty for the rich and renowned, particularly the benevolent portrayed in books/films. By overshadowing everybody while adhering near the imagine an extremely rich person with an apparently ceaseless glare, maybe he assumed a significant part in guaranteeing that Simon got seen any place they went.

In this manner, it’s a given that assuming he got injured, it made it appear as though matters were very risky, which Simon supposedly exploited in his cons.

According to the Netflix original, in the wake of striking up connections and sprinkling his new cooperates with rich gifts as well as heartfelt signals to make them fall, Simon used to converse with them about his “foes.” He asserted that there were dangers on his life attributable to his business and social standing nearly at every turn, which he continuously increased by informing “verification” of the assaults to his companions/lady friends.

Each time, Simon sent similar clasps or photographs of a swollen, bloodied, and perplexed Peter toward the rear of an emergency vehicle, charging that his protector is the explanation he’s as yet alive.

Starting there on, the fraudster started stating security worries that ventured to frustrate him from utilizing his own bank cards in apprehension about following, driving him to ask the individuals for help.

They generally promptly concurred under the conviction that Simon was exceptionally wealthy and could repay them whenever the situation allows, yet that was not the situation. Indeed, as per the narrative, he was just playing with them to help his way of life and his “representatives.”

Where Is Simon Leviev’s Bodyguard Now?

Simon Leviev’s bodyguard Peter has never been charged or arrested for any illegal activity the Israeli hustler has been connected to, meaning that he’s currently an innocent man. We should mention that although there’s no information available on his last name, let alone his whereabouts as of writing, we do know that his actual name is Piotr (as depicted in the film through a flight document). Therefore, it’s likely that he hails from Central Europe but is back with Simon in Israel as his protection once again; at least, that’s what we’ve been able to gather from the latter’s social media platforms.


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