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Setha Sirachaya Wife: Who Is Setha Sirachaya’s Wife Aranya Namwong?

Aranya Namwong
Aranya Namwong

Setha Sirachaya was best known as the frontman of the now-defunct The Impossibles, a legendary pop band with countless hits.

The 77-year-old actor was reported to have died of lung cancer: a disease that had been found in 2019 and had been battling with.

After it disbanded in 1976, he continued to take the stage, either solo or with the remaining members of The Impossibles. The full band occasionally reunited for concerts and played their final concert in 2018.

He was also an actor and a show host for numerous programs, as well as running his own production company.

He became chairman of the Foundation for the Welfare of Senior Actors set up in 2002 to support actors and actresses after their careers ended.

The multi-talented Setha was born in 1944 in Bangkok. He was awarded National Artist in 2001.

Who Is Setha Sirachaya’s Wife Aranya Namwong?

Setha Sirachaya was married to beautiful Aranya Namwong, a Thai actress. The couple have been together for over four decades and have welcomed a child called Puttida Sirachaya.

Aranya Namwong was the runner-up of the 1964 Miss Thailand beauty contest. Aranya Namwong was formerly called Anchali Choppradit and she has been active in the media scenes for over five decades.

Aranya Namwong has featured in a number of movies and some of them include Narok Tarutao, The Unborn, Kill for the Truth, Paradise Island, Krai Yai Krai Yoo, Operation Black Panther, The Legend of Suriyothai, The Snake King’s Wife, The Bodyguard, among others.


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