Who Is Pernilla Sjoholm? Where Is The Tinder Swindler Victim Now?

Pernilla Sjoholm
Pernilla Sjoholm

Pernilla Sjoholm is one of the victims who was defrauded by Simon Leviev real name Shimon Hayut. Simon purportedly defrauded a series of ladies under his false name and would utilize the cash he got from different ladies to go on very good quality dates including personal luxury plane rides and lavish inn stays.

He is blamed for involving this as a strategy to acquire their trust prior to requesting them for huge totals with the guarantee from taking care of them. Swedish entrepreneur Pernilla had quite recently parted from her life partner when she succumbed to the fraudster. She had no clue about Simon’s lies until she was reached by the media.

Pernilla Sjoholm and Simon Leviev relationship

Pernilla swiped right on conman Simon in March 2018 while she was living in Sweden. Simultaneously, he was dating Fjellhøy who had additionally met him on the dating application in January 2018.

Simon had told the ladies he was the child of precious stone magnate Lev Leviev. She left behind huge measures of money and possibly discovered when she was reached by columnists examining him.

How much did Pernilla Sjoholm lose?

Pernilla Sjoholm says she gave Simon at least $45,000.

Where is Pernilla Sjoholm Now?

Pernilla Sjoholm is still believed to be working as a business owner in Stockholm, Sweden.

Simon Leviev Charges

As of February of 2022, Hayut has not been charged with defrauding Fjellhoy, Sjoholm, or Charlotte.


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