Pastor John Lowe Wife: Is Pastor John Lowe Married? Who Is Pastor John Lowe Wife?

Pastor John Lowe
Pastor John Lowe

On Sunday, the pastor of a Warsaw church came clean to his flock about an “adulterous relationship.” Then, his alleged victim came forward and stated that she was 16 at the time of the incident.

New Life Christian Church’s Pastor John Lowe resigned following the scandalous allegations, and the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s office said they were investigating.

An attendee posted a video of the admission on Facebook, and it quickly went viral. It got more than 90,000 views as of midday Monday.

Congregation members were requested to forgive Lowe for the “deep hurt” he had inflicted, and he apologized to those he had offended against. He claimed there was “no good reason” as to why it took him so long to recognize his mistakes, although he did say he had repented.

Afterward, Lowe announced his resignation and stated that he would abide by the church board’s decision and process.

A guy and a lady approached the lectern after he finished speaking. The woman told the audience that she was a victim of Lowe’s when she was 16 and that she has been living in “a jail” for 27 years – not 20 years – as she had previously stated.

It wasn’t until two weeks ago that her brother approached her about a recollection of witnessing his younger sister in bed with their pastor that she realized she’d spent years feeling like a “terrible person” with suicidal thoughts.

Pastor John Lowe Wife: Is Pastor John Lowe Married?

Yes, Pastor John Lowe is a married man of God.

Who Is Pastor John Lowe Wife?

It is known that Pastor John Lowe is married, however, there are no records of his wife.


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