Ottawa Protest: Why Was Convoy Protest Organizer Chris Barber Arrested?

Chris Barber
Chris Barber

Chris Barber, a key organizer of the so-called Freedom Convoy that has occupied Ottawa streets for three weeks, has been arrested in Ottawa, according to media reports.

Barber, who is currently in police custody and is expected to face criminal charges, has been described as one of the key leaders of the protest in Ottawa, which has now hit the three-week mark.

Video of Barber’s arrest, posted on Facebook, showed officers checking his pockets and placing him in the back of a patrol vehicle.

Why Was Convoy Protest Organizer Chris Barber Arrested?

One of the protest group’s organizers, Chris Barber, was among those arrested. His lawyer, Keith Wilson, said Chris Barber was arrested on allegations that included counseling to commit mischief and obstruction of justice.

Chris Barber is a truck driver from Saskatchewan, according to CTV News. He is active on the video-sharing app TikTok, where he has posted protest video updates under his handle @bigred19755.

Barber was recently named along with co-organizers Tamara Lich and Benjamin Dichter in a class-action lawsuit seeking to prevent the protesting truckers from blasting their horns. The lawsuit claimed the loud horns could cause permanent hearing damage to residents of Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.


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