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Money Heist Korea Mask

Money Heist Korea Mask
Money Heist Korea Mask

Money Heist, the Netflix sensation, ended in 2021, but that doesn’t mean the story is finished.

Following the show’s positive reaction, the streaming service stated that a spin-off series based on Berlin (Pedro Alonso) will be released in 2022, as well as a Korean adaptation of the Spanish smash.

The release of Squid Game, a series that shattered Money Heist’s record for the most-viewed non-English shows on Netflix, heightened interest in Korean dramas.

The adaptation is an opportunity to warm the hearts of those who yearn for more of the intricate bank heist story and to attract new viewers to original Korean entertainment.

Here’s all we already know about this highly anticipated upcoming release, from the superb cast to the cryptic sneak look.

Money Heist Korea Mask

Park Hae-Soo praised Pedro Alonso for providing him the series’ iconic Dali mask, which is the symbol of the Money Heist’s Resistance group, in a video published by Netflix in December 2021.

He also hinted that the South Korean adaptation will have a different mask, which he will send to Pedro as a gift once the design is revealed — which we eventually see in the current trailer for the series.

The most recent teaser reveals that Korea’s mask is Yangban’s face. This is a generic character from a collection of Hahoetal masks worn by peasants and actors in street and stage plays, as well as festivals dating back to the 12th century.

In the Hahoetal mask dance, Yangban refers to the aristocracy who are frequently mocked. Money Heist is all about one-upping the affluent and greedy, so it’s a perfect fit.


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