London O2 Roof Ripped Off: How Did Storm Eunice Rip Off London O2 Roof?

London O2 Arena
London O2 Arena can report that a section of London’s O2 Arena was “completely shredded” and sent flying by severe winds from Storm Eunice on Friday morning.

Dramatic video showed the dome’s flat fabric panels flying in the wind over the River Thames towards Canary Wharf. London Fire Brigade said firefighters had been called to a “partial roof collapse” at the venue.

Tom Henry, 24, was working as a civil engineer consultant from his flat overlooking the O2 told the Standard the hole was getting worse as the wind ripped through the arena.

Many people rushed to social media to share footage of the O2 being battered by the storm on Twitter.

Among them, a man – who has been staying in the Intercontinental Hotel overlooking the damaged section – said it was getting worse with every minute.

How Many People Were Evacuated From London O2 Roof Collapse

About 1,000 people were evacuated from the venue and tourist destination, although no injuries have been reported. Eyewitness Ben Hubbard said: “It started off as one small panel down in the corner and went right up to the center.”


BREAKING: Three killed by Storm Eunice

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