Lev Leviev Wife: Who Is Lev Leviev’s wife Olga?

Lev Leviev and wife Ola Leviev
Lev Leviev and wife Ola Leviev

Lev Leviev has inadvertently become swept up in the drama depicted in Netflix’s new show The Tinder Swindler. After a conman pretended to be one of his kids, Lev’s business and family have been thrust into the spotlight.

Lev Levied is an Israeli businessman, philanthropist, and investor, of Tajik Bukhari Jewish background, Known as the “King of Diamonds”. Lev Leviev has a net worth of $1.0 billion as of March 2018 and has been a philanthropist for Hasidic Jewish causes in Eastern Europe and Israel

Who Is Lev Leviev wife Olga?

Diamond tycoon, Lev Leviev’s wife is Olga Leviev. Little is known about her philanthropy efforts however she shares the name of a medical treatment facility in Israel at the Sheba Government Hospital.

It is not known when Lev and Olga wed however the couple has adult children. The family spent a stint living in Hampstead, London, but as of 2018 are reported to be living in Russia.

The couple has nine children together. One of them is not the man who claimed he was the heir to the Leviev fortune.

Shimon Hayut legally changed his name to Simon Leviev so he could pose as the diamond mogul’s son, heir to millions. The 31-year-old was nothing more than a fake son of real billionaire Lev Leviev and Olga, he tricked women across Europe between 2017 and 2019.


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