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Lev Leviev Children: Meet Chagit Leviev Sofiev, Zevulun Leviev, Shalom Leviev, Ruthie Leviev And Zvia Leviev-Alazarov

Lev Leviev
Lev Leviev

Lev Leviev is an Israeli businessman, philanthropist, and investor, of Tajik Bukhari Jewish background, Known as the “King of Diamonds”. Lev Leviev has a net worth of $1.0 billion as of March 2018 and has been a philanthropist for Hasidic Jewish causes in Eastern Europe and Israel.

His diamond mining investments in Angola and his investments in Israeli settlements have been the target of protests. A prominent member of the Bukhari Jewish community, he is president of the World Congress of Bukharian Jews.

Who Are Lev Leviev Children?

Chagit Leviev Sofiev

The President of the Leviev Group USA is Leviev’s daughter Chagit. She is also the CEO of Africa Israel USA while her husband, Greg Sofiev, is the CEO of the famous¬†LLD Diamonds USA.

Chagit worked as a financial advisor at Deloitte after graduating from Bar Ilan University with a BA in Economics and Business administration. After this, she moved up to a CFO position at the Memorand Group before moving to New York in 2012 to head the Leviev Group of Companies. The Israeli native is also a mother to four children and speaks six languages.

Zevulun Leviev

Leviev’s son is no stranger to headlines as he was caught in a smuggling ring scandal in 2018. The former CEO of LLD Diamonds USA, Zevulun Leviev, has disputed the claims he and his uncle Moshe were involved, along with six other LLD employees. They were accused of bringing an estimated $80million worth of diamonds into Israel but lawyers said the claims were “baseless”.

Shalom Leviev

Also, a businessman, Leviev’s son Shalom made headlines during his divorce after his ex-wife accused him of physical, emotional, and sexual violence. He was declared bankrupt in July 2019 after Bank Leumi filed a suit against him and his ex-wife.


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