Kurt Zouma Cat: What Did West Ham Player Do To cat?

Kurt Zouma
Kurt Zouma

Kurt Zouma is a French professional footballer who plays as a center-back for Premier League club West Ham United and the France national team.

What Did West Ham United Player, Kurt Zouma Do To cat?

The West Ham United defender was recently spotted kicking a cat in a video filmed by his brother that was shared on the internet. The 27-year-old footballer can be seen in his kitchen picking up a cat before dropping it and kicking it into the air across the room.

Zouma is then filmed throwing a pair of shoes at the cat as it tries to run away, with the final clip showing him slapping the cat in the face and out of a child’s arms.

Kurt Zouma was also subjected to booing and chants from both West Ham and Watford supporters in his first match since a video of him abusing his cat was released online.

According to the laws in the United Kingdom, companion animals such as cats are considered as personal property so any damage or harm to a cat is legally the same as damage to any other piece of property.

Kurt Zouma Apology

Kurt Zouma issued an apology after the video of him kicking and slapping his pet cat was made public and claimed that the abuse seen in the video was an “isolated incident”.

He said: “I want to apologise for my actions. There are no excuses for my behaviour, which I sincerely regret.

“I also want to say how deeply sorry I am to anyone who was upset by the video. I would like to assure everyone that our two cats are perfectly fine and healthy.

“They are loved and cherished by our entire family, and this behaviour was an isolated incident that will not happen again.”



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