Kat Graham Siblings: Meet Kat Graham Half-Brother Yakov

Kat Graham
Kat Graham

Kat Graham is an American actress, singer, dancer, and model (now distributing music under the stage name Toro Gato).

Kat Graham is a multi-talented performer. As a six-year-old child artist, she began her career in the entertainment industry.

She appeared in ads for K-Mart, Pop-Tarts, and Barbie, among others. She also appeared in music videos as a backup dancer.

She got the notice of famed choreographer Fatima Robinson while starring in these ads, and she was given the opportunity to perform as a backup dancer for ‘Bow Wow’ at the BET Awards.

She was hired as a backup dancer for Missy Elliott, Pharrell, and Jamie Foxx, as well as choreographers Hi-Hat and Michael Rooney, as a result of her appearance.

She was included in a Coca-Cola national marketing campaign for the soft drink ‘Fanta.’ She was a member of the ‘Fantanas’ group.

Her first role on television was in the Disney sitcom ‘Lizzie McGuire.’

She went on to star in shows like ‘Strong Medicine’ (2003), ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ (2003), ‘Grounded for Life’ (2004), ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ (2006), ‘Greek’ (2007), and ‘Stalker’ (2008). (2015).

Kat Graham Siblings: Meet Kat Graham Half-Brother Yakov

Yakov, Kat Graham’s half-brother, was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Graham’s grandfather was a United Nations Ambassador who served for 40 years in Kenya, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Romania.


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