Japan 7.3 Earthquake: What Time Did 7.3 Earthquake Hit Japan?

Japan 7.3 Earthquake
Japan 7.3 Earthquake

A powerful earthquake hit off the coast of Japan late on Wednesday night, leaving residents in the Fukushima region that was battered by a devastating quake and tsunami just over 11 years ago awaiting another possible tsunami in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Japan 7.3 Earthquake: What Time Did 7.3 Earthquake Hit Japan?

The magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit at 11:34 p.m. and the shaking lasted more than two minutes. It was felt as far as Tokyo, Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Agency issued tsunami advisories for Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures and residents were warned that waves of up to 1 meter could hit the coasts.

There were reports of power outages in more than two million homes in the Kanto region and numerous train lines had suspended operations.

Nuclear power plants were under inspection early Thursday. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said officials were still assessing the extent of the damage.

Close to 39,000 people were advised to evacuate the Miyagi area.


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