How To Watch Total Lunar Eclipse 2022

Total Lunar Eclipse
Total Lunar Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse on Sunday night provides a compelling excuse to stay up late.

Moon watchers across the United States will be able to catch a glimpse of Earth’s shadow on May 15 when the moon is at its brightest.

At roughly 11:30 p.m. Eastern time, those on the East Coast will be able to see our natural satellite take on a copper-red hue during one of the longest lunar eclipses in recent memory.

How To Watch Total Lunar Eclipse 2022

According to Petro, it is safe to watch a lunar eclipse with one’s own eyes.

As Petro pointed out, the best thing about lunar eclipses is that all you need is a strong desire to spend time outdoors and a clear horizon.

He advised viewers to avoid bright lights and large buildings, which could block their view, for the best viewing conditions.

According to Petro, the moon’s coppery tones will fluctuate throughout the night, even though the eclipse’s peak may only persist for a brief period of time.

According to him, it’s more fun to keep an eye on the eclipse as a whole rather than just for a few brief moments of the eclipse.



What Is Lunar Eclipse? What Is Total Lunar Eclipse?

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