Has Pastor John Lowe Resigned?

Pastor John Lowe
Pastor John Lowe

Has Pastor John Lowe Resigned?

Yes, Pastor John Lowe of New Life Christian Church & World Outreach has resigned from his ministerial role and responsibilities with New Life.

At the conclusion of the morning worship service on May 22, 2022, Pastor John Lowe of New Life Christian Church & World Outreach (“New Life”) addressed the congregation of the church and admitted that he had been unfaithful on multiple occasions and over the course of time in the past.

He stated that these indiscretions had occurred over the course of many years.

During the time that Pastor Lowe was offering his confession, he also made the announcement that he would be resigning from his ministerial post and the responsibilities that came along with it at New Life.

In a private conversation, Pastor Lowe admitted that the adultery had, in fact, taken place.

The woman in question, together with her family, was present at the gathering, and she gave an address in which she disclosed that inappropriate sexual behavior began occurring in her life when she was 16 years old and continued into her thirties.

She spoke through tears as she recalled the years that followed as being filled with intense guilt and pain.


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