Easton Sinnamon Parents: Meet Brandon Sinnamon and Kaitlyn Sinnamon

Easton Sinnamon Parents
Easton Sinnamon Parents

A world-first heart transplant has been carried out on a baby which could do away with the lifelong need for anti organ rejection drugs.

One-year-old Easton Sinnamon has been given a new heart as well as the crucial thymus gland which makes white blood cells.

These T-cells fight infections and invading particles but are also responsible for attacking donor organs which can lead to fatal rejections.

Organ donor recipients currently need to take drugs that suppress their immune system which can leave them vulnerable to infections and disease for life.

US scientists gave Easton the first-ever double heart and thymus transplant last summer when he was six months old and have now announced that he is “thriving”.

Easton Sinnamon Parents: Meet Brandon Sinnamon and Kaitlyn Sinnamon

Brandon Sinnamon and Kaitlyn Sinnamon are the parents of Easton Sinnamon.

Baby Easton Sinnamon and his parents, Brandon and Kaitlyn Sinnamon, participated in the Monday media briefing. They made daily trips to Duke hospital in Durham, about a one-hour drive, to check in on him. Having him home meant the world to them and their 4-year old daughter.

“Something that we never thought was going to happen, just being honest,” Easton’s father Brandon Sinnamon said. “The way that he was in the hospital, it was an amazing feeling bringing him home.”


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