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Did Emile Francis Have Children? Who Are Emile Francis Children?

Emile Francis
Emile Francis

Emile Francis was a Canadian ice hockey legend who was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and won the Lester Patrick Trophy in 1982.

Emile Francis served as general manager and head coach for the New York Rangers and he also served as general manager and executive vice president of St Louis Blues. Emile Francis played for the Chicago Black Hawks and the New York Rangers.

Emile Francis Children: Meet Emile Francis’ Sons Bobby And Rick

Emile Francis was blessed with two lovely sons namely Bobby and Rick Francis. Bobby Francis served as head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes and won the Jack Adams Award in 2002. Bobby Francis is 63 years of age.

Rick Francis was the vice president of marketing and sales for the Whalers. 

Meet Emile Francis Wife Emma Francis

Emma Francis, the wife of Emile Francis, is a Canadian woman who was known to many as the wife of Emile Francis. Emma Francis and Emile Francis lived as a couple for over six decades and they were supportive of each other.


Emile Francis Wife: Meet Emile Francis Wife Emma Francis

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