Destinee Lashaee Weight Loss: Destinee Lashaee Before And After


Destinee LaShanee became the first transgender participant of the reality show during their time on Season 7, which aired in 2019. They also went by their birth name, Matthew Ventress.

LaShanee weighed in at 669 pounds when the show began, losing 229 pounds within a year thanks in part to gastric sleeve surgery. After leaving the series, they maintained healthy habits and became social media influencers, inspiring followers with their weight loss journey.

The reality star spoke of battling depression while on the show, saying they had formed the habit of using food to self-soothe.

Destinee Lashaee Weight Loss

Destinee’s brave story on the TLC reality show touched the hearts of viewers. Here’s everything to know about Destinee and her appearance on My 600-lb Life.

Destinee was a transgender – Destinee left a mark on the world on My 600-lb Life as the main transsexual star. She was born by Matthew Ventress. Her notable appearance on the show was lauded by fans, who pull for Destinee and her story. Her episode circulated on March 6, 2019.

Destinee LaShaee before

Destinee LaShaee before

She struggled with mental health. Destinee was open about her mental health struggles on My 600-lb Life. Destinee weighed in at around 700 pounds on the show. She explained on the episode that food is “the thing that’s saving me everyday, is also what’s destroying my life now. To the point where I can feel it killing me.”

After the show, Destinee lost roughly 500 pounds. She showed off her slimmed-down look on Instagram in the months before her death. However, her mental health seemingly continued to take a toll on her.

Destinee Lashaee now

Destinee Lashaee now

How Many Pounds Did Destinee Lashaee Loss

The rising social media star weighed slightly under 700 pounds but eventually lost more than 500 pounds, showing off the weight loss on social media.

Destinee Lashaee Age

Destinee Lashaee died on February 10, 2022, aged 30.



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