David Duckham Children: Does David Duckham Have Kids?

David Duckham
David Duckham

David Duckham was an English rugby union player. After the news of the former England international’s passing on Tuesday, tributes to rugby legend David Duckham came in.

David Duckham

David Duckham

Duckham, 76, participated in 36 international games and scored 10 tries. He was also renowned for his prolific play for the British Lions during their triumphant 1971 tour of New Zealand, touching down 11 times in their 16 games and significantly assisting in their historic series victory against the All Blacks.

A hero at Coventry, the only elite club he played for during his 12-year career between 1967 and 1979, he was also.

With the ball in hand, Duckham was known for his agility and trademark swerve, which once left commentator Cliff Morgan uncertain as to whether the winger had sidestepped or dummied.

He was even praised in Wales, where Welsh supporters gave him the nickname “Dai” for playing with the same flare that was associated with their team.

David Duckham Children: Does David Duckham Have Kids?

Late English rugby union player David Duckham has no children. As a matter of fact, he kept details about his personal life away from the public.


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