Craig Shubert Wife: Who Is Craig Shubert’s Wife Sherri Moyer

Craig Shubert and Wife
Craig Shubert and Wife

Craig Shubert is the 56th city mayor of Hudson, and he got sworn in on December 3, 2019. He is attempting to give a valiant effort to the inhabitants and organizations. As per his profile on Ballotpedia, his political party is Republican. He ran for a political decision to the Ohio House of Representatives to address District 37 and at first lost in the Republican essential on May 8, 2018.

Shubert award-winning journalist and correspondent for United Press International and The Associated Press.  Craig has traveled to more than 31 countries including, China, Bolivia, Chile, and Saudi Arabia, where he met several heads of state and business leaders.

Who Is Craig Shubert Wife Sherri Moyer?

Sherri Moyer was married to Craig Shubert. Sherri Moyer died on September 3, 2021. She was determined to have stage IV Non-Hodgkin lymphoma after cancer was found on her right tibia.

She was a completely Dominican common person in the Catholic confidence, and her strict name was Sister Catherine of Sienna.

Moyer was a Ph.D. applicant at Union Institute and the University of Cincinnati. She moved on from St. Mary Seminary at the Center for Pastoral Leadership in Willoughby with a graduate degree in philosophy.


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