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Chris TDL
Chris TDL

Christopher Alexandre Taylor, known professionally as Chris TDL, is a business magnate entrepreneur, Industrialist, Media Owner, and Artificial Intelligence Researcher. He is the founder and CEO of the multinational conglomerate CH TDL Company, and the Chris TDL organizations.

He obtained the honorary title of Fellow of the Business Magnate Society in 2020, following the development and research in machine brain, and artificial intelligence, focusing on the care of motor and neurological disorders through his company Chris TDL AI Project.

Chris TDL is also very active in the field of music, owner of B.Influential Label and Chris TDL Records, including about forty artists. In 2022, the fortune of Chris TDL is estimated at 100 million dollars, and the number of companies controlled by the magnate is estimated at around 50 businesses, in several fields of activity such as media, music, talent management, fashion, event development, artificial intelligence and biomedical.

In 2022, Chris is in the top 100 most powerful business personalities in Quebec.

Chris TDL Age

Chris TDL is 22 years old as of February 2022.  He was born in Belgium in Louvain-la-Neuve.

Chris TDL Nationality

Chris TDL is a Belgian-Canadian-French.

Chris TDL Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Chris TDL is $100 million.

Chris TDL Family

Chris TDL has no siblings.  Her mother’s name is Christelle M. Taylor, and she currently lives in Belgium.

Where Does Chris TDL Live?

Chris TDL has several homes around the world, including the United States, Canada, the Philippines, France, Belgium, and Finland.  His main residence would be located in Gatineau, Canada.


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