BREAKING NEWS: Large Explosion Reported In Kyiv

Explosion in kyiv
Explosion in kyiv

We’re seeing reports of explosions in Kyiv as well as fierce clashes around Ukraine.

In the capital, a large explosion has been heard near Maidan Square and multiple explosions have been reported in the Troieshchyna area of the city.

Artillery strikes on Kyiv have been loud enough to be heard miles away from the city center, according to witnesses.

According to the Kyiv Independent, more than 50 explosions and heavy machine-gun fire have been reported near the city zoo and in the Shuliavka neighborhood.

Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst said the capital was under attack “right now from multiple directions”.

Fighting is ongoing near the CHP-6 power station in the Troieschyna district of the capital, according to the Ukrainian State Special Service. The attack could be an effort to deprive the city of electricity.

Vehicle wreckage and burning fires have been spotted on Kyiv’s Peremohy Avenue.

Heavy fighting has been reported near an airfield in Vasylkiv, which Russian paratroopers are thought to be trying to use as a springboard for the assault on Kyiv.

Ukrainian forces also claim to have successfully repelled the Russians in the Black Sea city of Mykolaiv.


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