Bob Beckel Wife Leland Keyser And Children, Where Is Bob Beckel Wife Now?

Bob Beckel
Bob Beckel

American Political Analyst Bob Beckel’s wife Leland Keyser was a testimonial witness for the Brett Kavanaugh case. Find more about her.

Bob Becker was a well-known and respected American political analyst and pundit. He had previously worked as a political operative and also worked for Fox News as a commentator and analyst.

He married his former wife Leland Ingham in 1992 and the marriage lasted for a decade. They were blessed with their two children before they split up in 2002.

Bob sadly departed this world on February 21, 2022, at an age of 73, leaving behind a vacant spot in the field of robust and neutral analysis which will surely take years and decades to fill up.

His death has been mourned heavily by his fellow analysts, his work executives, the news platform, the show crew he worked for, and his true supporters.

Condolences and honor have been showered to his bereaved family and to his departed soul following his sudden demise.

Who Is Bob Beckel Wife Leland Keyser?

Bob Beckel married his love interest Leland Keyser in 1992. They dated for some time before tieing the marriage knot in a decorous manner.

Bob and Leland lived happily for over 10 years before they parted separate ways in 2002 following their divorce. They were blessed with their two kids whom they raised under equal parenting.

Leland Beckel would soon change herself to Leland Keyser after her remarriage.

She was involved in the Brett Kavanaugh case when her friend Christine Blasey Ford asked for her aid in fighting the sexual assault case against the attorney.

The event was stated to have occurred during Christine and Brett’s time at high school as they both went to the same institute.

Christine, who is a reputed professor of psychology, named Leland Keyser as one of her former friends who could advocate for her and give the right reports against the one she accused in court.

In a turn of events, Leland testified in Brett’s favor.

Bob Beckel’s Children

Bob Beckel had two children: a son and a daughter. His daughter is McKenzie Beckel, who makes Bob super proud of her education and career path. McKenzie graduated on June 6, 2018, and has been working at the Denver site ever since.


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