Ayleen Charlotte Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Instagram

Ayleen Charlotte
Ayleen Charlotte

Ayleen Charlotte was Simon Leviev’s long-term partner who later took her revenge on him for defrauding her and other women. The two originally met in late 2017, and their relationship swiftly progressed from a Tinder date to a real relationship. By the time she found the VG piece on her then-boyfriend (Simon), they’d already been together for nearly 14 months.

Ayleen Charlotte Age

As reported by several sources, Charlotte was born in the year 1995.

Ayleen Charlotte Net worth

Charlotte Ayleen’s net worth is not yet publicized.

Ayleen Charlotte eBay Account

When Ayleen and Simon were dating, she loaned him an amount of $140,000. To get her money back, Ayleen decided to hatch a plan where she sold some of Simon’s belongings on eBay.

Ayleen first convinced Simon that she still wanted to be with him, despite finding out about the VG article revealing his crimes. She later convinced him to give her his collection of designer clothes to sell them on for profit. Ayleen had no intention whatsoever of returning the money she made.

Ayleen Charlotte Instagram

Ayleen Charlotte could be spotted on IG as @ayleencharlott as of 3 February 2022. But the account is a private account.

Ayleen Charlotte Tinder Swindler:

Charlotte was The Tinder Swindler’s long-term partner who took her revenge on him and helped in getting him arrested for his crimes.


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